How to Impress a Potential Employer With Your Resume?

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Resume writing or tips on resume writing have been widely discussed nowadays. It is due to cut throat competition that we observe in job market today. All are racing to impress the recruiters by writing impressive resumes. For this purpose, we can see ample of career counseling centers, internet sites flooded with sample resume writing formats and suggestions for writing resume. Hence, in short, after the global economic meltdown, the job market is heating up.

Every day, the employers are receiving thousands of resumes for a single job. In order to open the gates of the interview, your resume should capture the attention of the potential employer, and that again within a few seconds of time frame. Your resume should stand out of the box. There are so many factors to look up while writing a resume. You need to decide the format in which you will write the resume, and then there is the chronology of your qualifications, achievements and other factors which are decided as per the format you choose.

In general, there are 3 main types of resume formats. Here they are, discussed in a nutshell:

Once you zero down on the format, you can pen down the list of career achievements, qualifications, your special skills, your goal etc. one by one. It will help you to write the resume easily and once you are clear with your aim and your specialties, you can write your objective. Objective of your resume is one of the major factors to write. It really tests your writing skills to come out with an impressive objective. For this you need to write straight to the point without beating around the bush and don't lengthen your resume or its objective. It will surely bore the employer and you will get rejected.

Usages of a simple font, font size, language usage etc. are the main factors to be taken care of. Get some feedback as well on your resume from experts and friends. Resume is your first step to enter in the job market and even to be steady in your career; you need to update your CV from time to time. Thus, for a better start, plan and then execute your resume.

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