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The Best Resume Formats For IT Professionals

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In the period of economic crisis, many IT professionals lose their jobs. When they apply for jobs in similar fields, it is completely their responsibility to make their skills and experiences look outstanding in their resume so that employer is convinced to hire them for the job. For this purpose you can choose the appropriate resume formats to help you design an accurate and attractive resume. From the number of formats, choose the best resume format that suits your details and highlights your application from a heap of applications.

The goal of your resume is to get you a job interview. Due to the growing population and rising unemployment, your way to the job interview is not easy any more. There are hundred other applicants like you applying for the same position. You need to stand out from these hundred candidates and get attention from the employer. Your resume must be unique and include the details that are most expected by the employer.

Need of Proper Resume Format

Everyone knows that an employer spends around 10-30 seconds on scanning the resumes. Then why is it necessary to include chunk of information in your CV if employer will not read all the details? The answer is so simple. Choosing a proper resume format will make your resume easy to read and highlight all your job related skills and power words given in CV. It is the resume format that makes all the difference.

Format for IT Professionals

When you are applying for the IT job in any company, it is important that all your software and technical skills related to the field are included and highlighted in your CV. The CV for an IT professional is far more technical and includes technical details. Hence it is necessary to choose a proper format for an IT professional CV.

There are mainly three types of resume formats in use now-a-days. They are

Out of these formats, functional format is best suitable for the people those have undergone frequent career changes in the past or have large employment gaps in their career.

Chronological format is used widely for writing CVs. It will list the job history and educational details in reverse chronology starting with the recent details. This format is best suitable for fresher resumes. IT professionals can use this format if they are not changing their career and want to highlight their major job specific accomplishments.

Combination format is the combination of the other two formats. It will list the work history in reverse chronology order and provide the short description of every skill in CV.

You can use any of the above formats according to your need, but just make sure that the format you choose should promote your skills in the most effective way. Following is the best format for the IT resumes -

Contact Details

Career Objective

Technical Summary

Job Experience

Educational Details

Course Work or Training

Personal Details


The above CV format is best for listing the details of an IT professional. You can edit this format and fill all the relevant details in the corresponding sections to draft a job winning CV.

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